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Heather Hill receives Golden Apple Award

Heather Hill receives Golden Apple Award
Heather Hill headshot

Walled Lake Early Childhood Center GSRP teacher and Prime Time Care supervisor, Heather Hill, received a Golden Apple Award at the December 7, 2023 Board of Education meeting.

Hill’s nominator chose to remain anonymous, but she said that Hill is dedicated to her job, shows up with smiles and laughter, and always has a great attitude. 

Hill is motivated by her love of teaching. She represents Walled Lake Consolidated Schools positively by being a pillar of the community. Hill thinks outside of the box and lets her class explore the world around them in such fun and amazingly creative ways.

“Heather is a leader in our building,” said Early Childhood Center director Sarah Davey. “She has a wealth of knowledge that she brings to the team, she is a team player and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Heather is extremely patient and calm which helps all of our students feel comfortable and welcome in the classroom.”

“Heather is a loyal and dedicated supervisor in both our Prime Time Care and Summer Care programs,” said Judy Scott, manager of the Prime Time and Summer Care programs. “She can take on any challenge that each brings and make it all work.”

“Heather has led our summer program through her lesson planning, training and mentoring of staff,” added Scott. “She is kind and helpful to staff, children and parents. She is very calm, patient and a pleasure to work with.”